After School Program November/December Update

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November 2012


Our first month of the After School Program in Togo has passed and everything is going really well!!!

Just a few notes to help keep our children organized and safe:


  1. Please make sure that your child is picked up at 5:15pm. Parents are welcome to come early, or stay for the whole program, but we need to have the children picked up on time so that the instructors can get their own children home. J
  2. We will not allow children to walk home. The rink is located on the highway and it is too dangerous for children to cross the highway unsupervised. Children must be picked up by a parent or a previously arranged alternate adult.
  3. Please make sure that your child is dressed for the weather. We plan to take the children outside to play on nice days! The children getting off the bus from school should be prepared, but those who come on their own need to be dressed accordingly.


So far we have made place mats for our snacks, coloured rainbows and sent them to a young girl with is suffering from a disease, and played cooperative games with a parachute, hula-hoops, and toilet paper!!! We are really enjoying our time together and hope that your child is able to continue with our program!

If you have any questions, please contact either one of us. J

Thanks again!

Amanda Burback & Tiffany Stone

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