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Togo Fitness Club


Starting Oct 27


Togo Community Hall

$10 annual membership to the

Togo Fitness Club



Togo Fitness Club—no longer just for women

We are back, but with a new name!  The Togo Fitness Club would like to welcome our new instructor, Lynn Willis!  Lynn has just recently moved to Togo from Alberta, were she instructed an exercise class for the last 22 years!  She would like everyone to know that her exercise techniques are for every body shape, size and ability!  She combines light weights, with some yoga, some pilates, lots of socializing and lots of fun.

The Togo Fitness club has changed its format to start off with our new year and our new instructor.  With a $10 membership you will receive an hour, one night a week (for the first couple months, moving into two nights a week) of physical activity, and tips for a healthy lifestyle.  Keeping in mind that this fitness club works on all aspects of health, we will also be scheduling a monthly “social hour”!  You have to be a member to reap the benefits!

Classes will begin Thursday, October 27 at the Togo Community Hall, and will continue every Thursday from then on.  Come try your first hour commitment free and you can join after you see that this is definitely for everyone!

Questions?  Ask Nicky, Amanda, or Lynn for details!



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